My friend Luca have seen my portfolio on Behance and asked me to make a nice good looking website by using the material design guidelines

What it does

It's a simple portfolio website with double themes that you can switch by clicking on the fixed buttons on the right

How I built it

I designed the wireframes & the interface, then coded using html5/scss/js/jquery & materialize framework, for the fonts I used fontawesome & animate css & wow js for those animations, finally I used git & github on ubuntu since Luca is a back end developer, he wanted me to commit directly changes etc...

full project :

Challenges I ran into

Nothing, It was easy

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I got a nice feedback on my dribbble, behance & uplabs accounts, from my friends too

Dribbble : Uplabs :

What I learned

Learned to use Git & Github, installed Node js & many packages using npm

What's next for

I wish the best for him :D

Built With

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