My inspiration comes from my educational background, through my time in the clinical area. I often had a hard time distinguishing many of the different sounds you could hear on the ward. So I thought to myself if only I have some sort of way to match up these sounds through an app... and here I am today.

What it does

By running a recorded sound through a custom built stethoscope, it can match a heart sound with other heart sounds on a database to distinguish and recognise what sound is being recorded.

How I built it

The web app was built on HTML5 and javascript with a couple of audio recording API's

Challenges I ran into

the time constraint and the fact that there is no existing API for what we are trying to accomplish as well as the subpar grade equipment used to make the hack. but the biggest factor was the fact that the algorithm used and the fact that it would take at least a week for it to be built up to workable levels

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

the fact that I was able to make an electrical stethoscope for under $50

What I learned

I learned that just because you don't finish a hack doesn't mean it's a bad idea

What's next for lubdub

Improvement of audio recognition mobile support lung and abdomen sounds sharing of sounds as well as saved sounds

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