The Ethereum Name service and other auctions are on the Ethereum blockchain but most winners require more money to win, an lower unique bid auction requires some game theory skill. Learning about Nash Equilibriums and other game theory tactics helped inspired to start this.

What it does

It takes bids from multiple people and depending on which bid is the the lowest and unique, they win a prize predetermined by the contract.

How we built it

Made the solidity contract first and then started working on the front end for it using web3 and other tools.

Challenges we ran into

Styling components and interacting with new Solidity contracts through web3 for all features

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Solidity smart contract was written and captures a lot of the auction logic flow

What we learned

We learned that blockchain programming has complexity that can slower avergae development time

What's next for LUBA: Lowest Unique Bid Auction

Next steps is to incorporate tokens to send as a reward

Built With

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