I wanted a resource to look up where Rockers have studied away/abroad in the past in order to open up ideas for current freshmen and sophomores.

What it does

You can search for information on various study abroad programs, including application requirements and faculty contacts.

How I built it

I used data from the Study Abroad Office represented in a Google Sheet + Google Apps Script to make the webpages.

Challenges I ran into

Not knowing Google Apps Script.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It exists and is available to future students.

What I learned

It's really not that hard, and I'll be able to do it again easily and much faster.

What's next for LTSA Database

Keeping track of students returning from abroad by having them fill out a Google Form which provides information for future updates to the database. Enter more known abroad programs into database. Add blurbs from students who attended and their contact info (with consent). Add 'events' to home page so current students will know about upcoming info sessions/deadlines.

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