Our inspiration was finding the next innovative advancement in RC hacking. Students have been becoming more and more tech educated through the internet. A few years ago, taking a part an RC car and adding minor tweaks to it was really awesome. Nowadays, hacking an RC car is the norm. What we set sights is implementing the future of tech into a product of the present for kids to learn from.

We used Intels Edison Board, an RC car, an android phone, azure for cloud service and a xbox 360 controller to control the vehicle. We deconstructed the RC car and attached the wires to the motors of the drone. We also attached an android phone to the top of the drone. From here, we connected and programmed a xbox 360 controller to the laptop, allowing us to control the vehicles throttle and turning. This information is sent to our cloud server, AZURE using node.js. From there, it sends information to the android phone via wifi/cellular. We connected the android phone to EDISON via bluetooth. Edison is wired to the motors of the car which tells the vehicle to go forward or which way to turn! ALSO, we were able to live stream from the android phone attached on the car! This information is sent to the client (laptop) and people can watch our live stream! ( See attached graphic!)

We ran into a lot of bugs that took away from working on other parts of our project.

Being able to make such a complex system which accomplishes what we initially set out to do. We had a lot of trouble here and there and we were going to drop some ideas. However, we pushed through and did everything we set out to do. This was also the first time our team has worked together and it was amazing. The delegation of tasks was beautiful and we have a better appreciation of everyone on the team.

We learned how to effectively work as a team and finish what we started. We had to learn new languages, change languages, apply new things like azure and the built in features of the edison board and we did a great job. We also learned TCP sockets

We will use this hack to show kids what we did and what they can do themselves. We have various cities lined up to show this product including Sacramento, Los Angeles, Inland Empire and OC county. We will target High School Hackathons to promote innovation and to hack the future.

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