Loyaleyes supercharges a retailer's loyalty program by providing: 1 - Enhanced customer data 2 - Tailored communication strategies 3 - Automated messaging

Loyalty programs are a key revenue driver for retailers. Sixty percent of retailers cite customer retention as their greatest obstacle. Loyaleyes solves this.

Loyaleyes personalizes and automates this process. With just an email address, phone number, Twitter handle, or other social data point, Loyalizer uses FullContact to create a rich customer profile with multiple channels to communicate with them.

Loyaleyes then ranks these messaging channels (SMS, Email, Twitter, and others) in order of likelihood of customer engagement.

Using SparkPost, Loyaleyes manages and automates these messages. For example, if a business wants to send a promotion or reward to a customer, Loyaleyes automates that email. If after a designated amount of time the customer has not opened the email, we then automatically send the promotion through another channel.

Loyaleyes sends SMS messages using Sinch, enabling us to easily send and track delivery of the text.

If these channels are not successful delivering a promotion to the customer, Loyaleyes can also automate social messages, such as a Tweet, to deliver the promotion.

Research shows that 85% of customers say a company could have recognized and rewarded them for their business, but failed to do so. Loyaleyes maintains strong engagement and turns customers into loyal shoppers.

GitHub: https://github.com/jerrytdev/Launch2015

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