Negative reaction to ad campaigns from Burger King

The Problem

We noticed a problem with advertisers and the way an audience reacts to them and their campaigns, for example, Burger King failed when they did not do proper research on the community that would see the ad.

  • Failure to consider respectful communication with content-creator

    • They launched a text-to-speech campaign by donating $5 to send their advertisement to a live audience instead of reaching out to the creator
    • This was a problem because Burger King faced backlash and was considered to be exploiting streamer's work and community
    • If Burger King knew that tipping (with text-to-speech functionality) a creator is different when it comes from brands than when it comes from normal viewers because of the difference in size, budget, and impact between the two then they would have considered that it can be seen as disrespectful, disingenuous, and exploitative since obviously, Burger King gains a lot more from an ad to 90k concurrent viewers than a supporter who donates and wants to demonstrate their support. One action stems from greed the other from compassion.
  • Failure to consider intent and perception of campaign

    Burger King launched a tweet saying "Women Belong in the Kitchen" on International Women's Day and was faced with backlash.

    • They later clarified that the message was women's representation in restaurants is low and they want to fix that
    • This was a failed campaign because they faced backlash on a serious topic
    • If Burger King had a platform that reviewed Tweets and went through a QA process then they would have caught the possibility of an audience reacting negatively to the Tweet.

We figured the solution was context, information, and communication, our platform aims to solve that by letting advertisers join the discord of the streamer and get insights on what the community enjoys and supports, and sets a QA process to review any public-facing tweets.

What it does

Gives information from research done on streamer's community in offline platforms such as Twitter and discord

How we built it

We've designed the concept in Figma but plan to develop it with Python, JavaScript, React with twitch's API, and discord bot API.

Challenges we ran into

None of us had any prior experience so we had a steep learning curve since hour-1

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of the concept and being able to come up with something that solves a problem.

What we learned

We learned how to use Figma while following a design system, how to prototype quickly, and approaching a problem with a top-down approach by starting off with the problem instead with a solution looking for a problem.

What's next for LoyalAds

We plan to continue development and host this online to complete the MVP

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