The pain point of flight order for end user is the fare keeps changing and end user do have enough to monitor the fare change

What it does

The end user can subscribe a notification for a given origin, destination, departure date and return date. Then the application will tracker the low fare. When the low fare available, it will notify to end user. The end user can book the flight directly by the application.

How I built it

Sabre API LowFareForecast REST API.

Platform Android

Working Flow

  • user input the routing
  • application do a LowFareForecast, if the fare is low enough, then user can book, otherwise, user can start a tracker to monitor this fare
  • in case of fare monitor, a client side/server side task will be triggered. the task will check low fare periodically, when low fare is available, then notify to end user

Challenges I ran into

  • accuracy
  • notification in time
  • low application power consumption

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Make trip more easy

What I learned

Sabre LowFareForecast API, Sabre REST basic

What's next for LowFareTracker

  • Server side forecasting task: make the low fare forecast more efficient.
  • Persistance connection between client and server: make the notification more in time
  • Add hotel low fare monitor

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