As the younger sibling of a college student, I have witnessed firsthand how expensive university can be. Higher education is essentially an investment in itself, but with the high interest rates of student loans, students like my sister can't help but wonder if it is worth it. Thoughts like this have unfortunately caused some students to cease obtaining a higher degree or even worse, dropping out of college. At Aurora Investments, we believe that student debt should not be a hindrance towards attending college.

How we Built It

Using Wix to host our website, we created a place where students in debt can sign up and create profiles. A student profile would include basic and relevant information about the student such as age, the institution they're attending, and the loan amount they need. Potential investors can then view these profiles and decide if/who they want to support.

Challenges we Ran Into

The first challenge we encountered was coming up with an innovative yet realistic idea. It was important for us to find the right niche to fit into with our own backgrounds and market demand. Another challenge was creating an appealing website in less than three days. The tight timeframe was stressful, but we managed to channel it positively into an efficient work schedule.

Accomplishments that we're Proud Of

It was exciting for us to be able to create a company from scratch in only a couple days, along with a fully functioning website. Although we're proud of these accomplishments, this is only the start of the journey and we hope to achieve much more down the road!

What we Learned

Over the course of three days, we learned how to manage our time and better our communication skills. This was done through collaborating on the website, presenting engaging PowerPoint presentations, and assigning roles between the two of us.

What's Next for Aurora Investments

From the website launch in August 2020, we will publish a mobile app in early 2021. We hope to spread awareness about our services through several social media platforms including but not limited to, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. Our goal is expand globally from now to the foreseeable future and hit 10 million users by 2023.

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