When we were brainstorming ideas for this hackathon, one that came up was Pokemon Snap. However, since it infringes on Nintendo's rights, it would violate the rules. We wanted to make something unique, and while we were thinking about Pokemon Snap, we thought that a Safari picture taking game would be fun to make.

How to play (Read before you play)

The user is dropped into the Savannah and has 10 film for his/her camera. To walk around, the user has to look down ~30 Degrees. To stop walking, they just have to look back up. With their camera, if they look at an animal, the circular indicator grows in size signalling that they can take a picture. To take a picture, the use presses on the Cardboard button.Points are assigned based off which animal the picture is of, and how far away the user is from that animal. There is a menu above the user that allows them to see how many Points they have and how many Tranq Darts and Photos they have remaining. There is also a button that when pressed (by looking at it and pressing the Cardboard button) will switch the user from using a camera to the tranq gun, and visa versa.

The Lion is the only animal that will be aggressive in this game. If the user walks within a certain distance of the Lion, it will begin chasing them. There are two ways to stop the Lion. One is to shoot it with a Tranq Dart and be outside of a certain distance after the Tranq Dart's effects wear off. The other is to shoot and hit it with 3 Tranq Darts, this will pacify it for the remainder of the Safari. If the Lion manages to attack the user, they lose 1 film and are knocked back a short distance. After attacking, the Lion will pause for a bit, allowing the user to attempt to get away.

When the user can no longer take any more photos, the safari is over. They are then taken to a screen that will allow them to select and upload 1 photo to our website for everyone else to view.

How we built it

Unity, Blender, the usual.

Challenges we ran into

FPS. Saving to file kills fps, so we had to do a roundabout way of handling picture taking.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We can go on a safari!

What we learned

Cardboard for Unity

You can view the users' favorite image from each safari on the website below!

What's next for Low Poly Safari

Implement more animals, a night time mode, and more levels.

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