Agriculture accounts for about 50% of California's Water Use. Like turning off your faucet when you are done washing your hands, turning off irrigation could save a lot of water.

What it does

Allows Farmers to automate opening and closing of irrigation gates for very little money.

How I built it

By putting together a number of very cheap off the shelf components.

Challenges I ran into

My Artik 10 didn't have the entry in /sys/classes/pwm, so I had to bit bang. My ECS needed a 5v pwm signal, and the artik supplies just 3.3

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Very simple, and low cost.

What I learned

3.3v just isn't quite enough.

What's next for Low Cost Irrigation Gate Controller

Finish up a working prototype and get it installed.

Built With

  • artik-10
  • cordless-drill
  • esc
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