What it does

Provides safety, security and freedom to sufferers of Alzheimer’s disease via a simple plug and play wearable.

How We built it

The physical product is a wearable that utilizes GSM and GPS. For simulation purposes, we created a simple android application. This application is backed by a Firebase database which is populated by esri's API and our server side code. SMS notifications are sent via Twilio to notification subscribers for the elder. The list of subscribers is managed by a web user interface. Additional status details for the elder are available via web application and Android device.

Challenges We ran into

  • Hard to demonstrate GPS geofencing without good GPS reception.
  • Worked through multiple third party API bugs.
  • Focused on the primary components of the system skipping the creation of a unique wearable.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

  • Leveraged multiple APIs to compliment each other.
  • Created a cloud solution to assist Alzheimer's patient care.
  • Created a service that will add significant value to many people's lives.

What's next for Loving Locator

  • Fully define the wearable.
  • Validate via real world use.
  • Productize it.
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