I was inspired by games like Pokemon Emerald, Undertale, Raid Shadow Legends, and other turn based RPG games.

What it does

Lovey Dovey Dating Sim give's you the ultimate dating simulation experience. Do whatever you want (within the options) and see what the outcome is.

How we built it

I was in charge of the majority of the coding for the game, while my little bro (my partner) was responsible for the artwork. The entirety of the game is written in GML, Game Maker Studio 2's proprietary language. During the first day and most of the second day, we worked on our separate parts and then merged the two pieces together. During the whole development process, my teammate and I discussed design decisions and stylistic choices on a Discord call. We made sure to have open and honest discussions and all opinions were valued equally.

Challenges we ran into

The most difficult part of the development process was building out the interaction tree. Designing a system that gives the player a wide array of choices within the game was not easy and required a lot of foresight and pre development planning. Additionally, integrating the graphics into the game was no easy task, especially since we wanted to have the best graphics possible without compromising functionality. Finally, we recognize that our devpost could be a bit better than it is. We live with our parents and unfortunately we were forced to go to sleep at a reasonable time on the second night of this challenge, which is when this devpost was written. We know this is not an excuse for having a low quality devpost, but we wanted to mention that we are aware that it could be improved upon.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are both really proud of the way the game turned out! As it stands now, the game is about 85% complete, with the majority of the interactions functioning properly. We both had a really good time working on this project and we are both proud to see something that we worked hard on come to fruition. There are still some bugs and issues that need to be fixed, but for the limited time we had, we feel confident this is the highest level of work we could produce.

What we learned

We learned the importance of team work and planning ahead. Especially since this game required a lot of decisions to be made at the beginning of the development process, we spent a good chunk of our time planning and deciding how to move forward with the game. While it was sometimes a challenge to balance creative differences, we both learned the importance of treating every idea equally and approaching every problem with an open mindset.

What's next for Lovey Dovey Dating Sim

Next up for Lovey Dovey Dating Sim will be a round of gameplay testing and bug fixes. In particular, the ending of the game could definitely use some work and this is something we are looking forward to fixing in the future. We also plan to post the game on and share it with our friends and family. Right now the Itch page is pretty basic, but we plan to update in the future. Additionally, we may try to share the game with some game review Youtubers to get there feedback on the game.

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