We're always looking for new opportunities, whether it's volunteering for a local soup kitchen, donating cans to a food bank, or donating money to a homeless support organization. We want to connect with our local community, and this is where LoveLocal comes in. LoveLocal is based on strengthening a community through people supporting and working with each other to accomplish common goals.

What it does

LoveLocal allows users to submit listings for donation or volunteer opportunities and find opportunities near them. Once they find listings they like, they can express their interest in them, comment, sign up to donate items or volunteer their time, or donate money right within the app! Users can also connect with their friends via Facebook to see what their friends are up to.

How I built it

Right now, LoveLocal is just a prototype. We're still working on a cross-platform version on the hybrid mobile framework Ionic, but it's giving many difficulties.

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