With the recent executions of journalists around the world we wanted to make our stand. By implementing a dead-man switch, a journalist routinely to check into web or phone app to verify that they are still active. If after determined amount of time a submission to Lovejoy had not been made, the new stories and notes will be forwarded off to a chosen source. This makes sure the journalist or their work is never silenced.

How we built it

Lovejoy uses both a webapp and iOS app to push to a MySQL database. An api was created to analyze the timestamps to the database and determine if the story need to be pushed off to another source or if a journalist was missing.

Challenges we ran into

We had issues merging different tech stack each member was familiar with. Integrating our front end with with the virtual server was trouble sum.

What's next for Lovejoy

Lovejoy is a tool for more than just preserving news stories. Lovejoy has the ability to increase journalists' safety and proliferation of their story. Our team plans to pursue this project further. Less time restrictions and more resources would give the idea the proper implementation it deserves.

Built With

  • .net-core
  • html/css
  • mysql-database
  • swift
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