Pollution in China is serious and it's not a tech issue but a lacking of justice issue.

  1. Regulation in China doesn't work.
  2. Customers from other countries only can buy things according to price but can't have more information about companies environmental performance.
  3. Companies in China is forced to do evil because if they raise the price, they can't survive.
  4. Big company like Apple does audit their suppliers. But they only go to China and monitor the suppliers a week every year and the suppliers just cheat them in that week.

What it does

We focus on supply chain management. We help Chinese people report polluting companies on map. After we collecting the data, buyers can choose greener suppliers and help big companies real-time monitor their suppliers. The tool helps distinguishing green companies and polluting companies.

How I built it

We build a website and mobile app to share the information.

Challenges I ran into

It's a big project and many things we can do. We need to launch complete the first website and mobile app soon to catch the customers and then build more functions on top of it. We need more abilities to run a big project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The website is going to launch in this week and we can see the impact soon.

What I learned

How God loves us to work on his will.

What's next for LoveGreenGuide

Prepare to going big!

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