This is a love journal that records the very moments between you and the one you love, and it generates love stories, in a breathtaking way.


We came up with this idea because one of our friends used slides projected on the screen as a method to propose to his girlfriend. It turned out to be a very successful idea, and the girl accepted his proposal. Then, we were thinking to make an easy-to-use love story keeper and generator, aiming to help people show their love to their lovers, or revisit their love journey with their mates.

Features and Users

This web application removes most irrelevant and not important functions, and only focus on main features, which helps record and generate people's love stories. The application requires users record their daily story in time basis, in which way make the slides more precious and meaningful. It is not an application help lazy users automatically collect love stories in a second, but a tool helps visualize people's love stories, who treasure every moment with their loved ones.

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