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It is not unknown that millions of stray animals live in India, be it dogs, cats, cows, etc. While many view them as a problem in the modern society many other Indians do not want them to be completely removed from their habitat by killing or sterilizing them. This is evident from the fact that many people took care of stray animals during the lockdown period. Still, we often see these animals being hit by vehicles on the road, or sometimes getting sick because of eating some garbage thrown by people which they can’t digest. And due to lack of medical attention eventually losing their lives or become disabled. It is not uncommon to see the carcass of a stray animal lying around that has needlessly lost it life, until the authorities pick their bodies up. This is because most of the people don’t know how to act when they see injured animals. Also, a lot of pet owners can’t take their pets to doctor immediately because of lockdown. We have added a chat feature through which they can directly consult our doctors online. The point is these animals can be given better life if we have the right tool and put enough effort.

What it does

We are providing an all-in-one platform for animals. If a person finds an injured or sick stray animal, they can take a picture of it, add a description and send it to our website. Using their current location, we will send their request to the authorities immediately. As a result, timely action can be taken. If all stays good then the person who posted would get rewards (such as cashbacks , discounts etc)

Pet owners can consult our doctors online without having to go to a pet clinic. We have a community feature where animal lovers can gather and post pictures and stories of animals and have discussion.

How we built it

This web app is built using HTML, CSS and Javascript for frontend (including some javascript libraries like animeJS and vanilla tilt). For backend, we have used Firebase that works as a real-time database for our project.

Challenges we ran into

1)Creating a user-friendly and responsive ui and smooth working that everyone can understand and access

2)Using animejs to create light and responsive animation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Providing solutions for animals that have been so often been neglected is something important. We are trying to provide solutions that can end up saving a lot of them and provide them with better lives.

What we learned

We became more aware of the measure of deaths or injuries of animals that happen needlessly because of human negligence and lack of medical attention. Although this issue may not look like the most concerning issue, the more we learnt about it the more this project seemed important to us. For this project we also learnt how to use firebase and some popular javascript libraries like AnimeJs

What's next for LoveAllAnimal

We plan to add an animal adoption feature. The idea is to tie up with major NGOs and stray animal rescuers to put the animals on our website that they have rescued to be adopted by customers. A lot of people want to have pets. Adopting stray animals instead of buying from pet shop will provide home for these animals.

Also, if a pet owner has to be away for a while, they can put an ad on our website asking people to take care of them while they are away.

Live app: https://patelaryan7751.github.io/loveallanimal

GitHub Repository: https://github.com/patelaryan7751/loveallanimal

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