When thinking about how we could make a difference within local communities impacted by Covid-19, what came to mind are our frontline workers. Our doctors, nurses, grocery store workers, and Covid-19 testing volunteers, who have tirelessly been putting themselves and their families on the line. They are the backbone and heartbeat of our society during these past 10 months and counting. We want them to feel the appreciation and gratitude they deserve. With our app, we hope to bring moments of positivity and joy to those difficult and trying moments of our frontline workers. Thank you!

What it does

Love 4 Heroes is a web app to support our frontline workers by expressing our gratitude for them. We want to let them know they are loved, cared for, and appreciated. In the app, a user can make a thank you card, save it, and share it with a frontline worker. A user's card is also posted to the "Warm Messages" board, a community space where you can see all the other thank-you-cards.

How we built it

Our backend is built with Firebase. The front-end is built with Next.js, and our design framework is Tailwind CSS.

Challenges we ran into

  • Working with different time zones [12 hour time difference].

  • We ran into trickiness figuring out how to save our thank you cards to a user's phone or laptop.

  • Persisting likes with Firebase and Local Storage

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Our first Hackathon
    • We're not in the same state, but came together to be here!
    • Some of us used new technologies like Next.js, Tailwind.css, and Firebase for the first time!
    • We're happy with how the app turned out from a user's experience
    • We liked that we were able to create our own custom card designs and logos, utilizing custom made design-textiles

What we learned

  • New Technologies: Next.js, Firebase
  • Managing time-zone differences
  • How to convert a DOM element into a .jpeg file.
  • How to make a Responsive Web App
  • Coding endurance and mental focus -Good Git workflow

What's next for love4heroes

More cards, more love! Hopefully, we can share this with a wide community of frontline workers.

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posted an update

In the last 22 hours, our project is really evolving. We are pleased with how the project is turning out, most of our team members are using Next.js and Firebase for the first time. So that has been a bit daunting to learn new technologies and implement them with React, but it is really quite a fun and rewarding challenge.

**The last 6 hours the team has been working hard to implement the logic for saving a jpeg file from a thank you card. Looking forward to showing and sharing this final project with you all and hopefully bringing a movement of positivity and kindess to Frontline Workers.

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