Patients who suffer from mental illness typically have a hard time keeping to a strict schedule or remembering to keep up with their therapy. For instance, patients with anorexia don't remember to eat their 3 square meals a day, or patients with depression tend to forget that they need to try a change of scenery by taking a walk outside or by reaching out to friends to stay active during the day. Our application addresses these issues for those suffering from mental illnesses.

What it does

Love Yo-Self is a web application built for those who need reminders throughout their day to keep up with their therapy progress as they suffer from mental illness. The patient can log into our web application and set their reminders for the times they want during the day. Here are a few sample cases we have addressed thus far with our app:

Depression Patients who suffer from depression are typically told to try and distract themselves during the day, or to try and go outside and have a change in schedule. So our application has alerts for the patients to go outside, go exercise, or call a friend three times a day to keep the patient active.

Anxiety Patients who suffer from anxiety are typically told to try and calm themselves down through various therapy techniques. So three times a day, the patient will receive alerts to practice breathing exercises, do yoga, or try meditating.

Anorexia Patients who suffer from anorexia forget to eat food or aren't encouraged to eat food. In this case, they would be reminded to eat their three square meals as well as snacks.

In addition to reminders for their specific treatment paths, they will have the options to set alerts for doctors appointments and when they need to take medications.

Once the alert has been the sent, the patient will be prompted to take a picture before and after performing that particular activity to serve as accountability. These pictures will be sent to their accountable via email, whether it be their parents or their doctor, etc. They can set their own accountable. This way, those around them can track their progress as well.

What's next for Love Yo-Self

Next, we would like to implement other features into the web application so it has options for other mental illnesses. In addition, we would like to work out more emailing features to make the accountability process run more smoothly.

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