We started watching Silicon Valley as a group and through that influence tethered to our wild imagination we ventured to make our own start up company, "LoveTaps".

What it does

LoveTaps allows friends, family or significant others to carry their memories (photos, videos, etc.) in the form of a pendant. Every time someone 'taps' their phone on the pendant it will show the populated 'memory' from a link inside the built-in chip.

How we built it

One of us focused on programming the Front-end with HTML/CSS in Adobe Dreamweaver. Another focused on learning MERN and how to use MongoDB, React, Express & Node JS. One of us was designated as the resin artist who was tasked with learning about the hardware limitations, creation of prototype jewelry, and photography. And our last teammate was in charge of script writing, creation of visual assets, animations, sound effects, filming/directing, and editing.

Challenges we ran into

Literally everything as far as programming is concerned. Learning HTML/CSS and making a reactive application proved way harder than it should be. The implementation of MongoDB, alongside the difficulties of programming in the varieties of JS. Getting the website to go live is was easy, but getting it to work has proven to be quite difficult.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Filming what we felt like a high-quality content video, expediting the learning process for front-end and back-end.

What we learned

Web development is pretty difficult, and that shifting from mobile development proves to provide limited assistance.

What's next for Love Taps

Finishing the website/online store, establishing our LLC in the upcoming weeks, and optimizing our manufacturing process for the 'LoveTaps'

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