In Japan, young people who are reluctant to love are social issues in recent years.
We hope to encourage them to enjoy romance through our love psychology.

What it does

We provides daily casual quizzes to learn the love psychology.
Our quizzes are all original and are based on psychological and brain science grounds.
For single customers, they can enjoy learning useful knowledge to get a partner in their thoughts.
On the other hand, for the customers fortunately be with partner, we support them to stay in their relationship for a long time.
And It is every day.

How I built it

Our quizzes are created by an expert on psychology every day.
The backend was built serverlessly on AWS on the premise that we support multiple languages.
By using AWS Lambda, Amazon S3, and Amazon DynamoDB Global Tables, we can deliver low-latency data access to our customers no matter where they are located on the globe.

Challenges I ran into

Our challenge was how to deliver the results of the research in the field of psychology and brain science to our customers in a friendly way.
So we apply the concepts to scenes from everyday life and adopted a two-choice quiz format that is widely enjoyed in Japan (probably even in the world).
It is easy to learn them every day with Alexa, who should be a friendly partner.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

As mentioned above, we are proud that all of our customers can now easily learn the results of the research in the field of psychology and brain science every day.
In addition, by making a single result of the research into multiple quizzes approached from various viewpoints and situations, they will be able to learn it naturally and repeatedly without thinking about it.

What I learned

We learned how the results of the research in the field of psychology and brain science can be applied to love so much and how useful they are. We are also surprised by this.
And I realized the greatness of AWS again. The backend can be built in a short time alone, and our quizzes can be delivered globally even right away.

What's next for Love quiz

We will provide quiz packs tailored to the season and event so that our customers can enjoy them.
And we think collaboration with the dating and relationship reality television series is very compatible:)
We will support English and other languages in the near future. Because we are all human beings, our psychologies and brains work the same way.
And everyone wants to fall in love!

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