After COVID-19, we have an opportunity to transform the world of education to prepare youth for a world with complex problems. We could develop a tool to 1) connect students to real life problems posed by various organizations to co-create solutions with adults, and 2) help students learn according to the way of learning that motivates them most, and also allows them to learn at their pace, where teachers are supporting them more emotionally than dictating what is right and what is wrong. Teachers become more like moderators and facilitators of learning which becomes much more human-driven, heart-driven, and less brainless learning is done over time. The children work rather independently on their own goals and expectations for themselves, and teachers regularly gather the children for team-work and coordinate design thinking challenges - at least once a day - so that kids learn first how to solve problems, including conflicts between kids at school, using a variety of new tools like design thinking, systems thinking, etc.

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