We see how advanced technology can distant people. So we would like to build something that connects people, promotes inclusion and diversity in today's digital society. When we first came up with this idea, it was close to pride week, seeing the division of society and how the LGBT community tends to be overlooked, we decided to create an effect that not only bring people who are similar to each other together but even more so those who have different sexual orientation, colors and backgrounds together.

As a diverse team coming from four different countries, we gather in London and went through a series of brainstorming activity, hoping to use current technology and platform to deliver a message that would intrigue people to reflect on connection and despite the outward differences, we are similar in so many ways.

What it does

This is an Augmented Reality filter that encourages 2 people to interact with their closeness to unlock different effects. The closer you get to each other, the more you are going to discover. The message behind is simple and clear, the more you get to know another person, the more one is going to learn the strengths and talents that could not be known when we keep a distance / perceive another person through lens that tend to be bias easily.

How we built it

We build it using AR studio, Javascript, Maya

Challenges we came across

The hardest part of this whole project process was that it requires a lot of iterations and testings, we need to make sure that end-users will eventually like the idea and will get the message behind. Second, since the filter requires two person to conduct real-time testing through the development process, it could be an extremely draining process. And it is also hard to find people who would not mind such proximity with another person.

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