Everyone can connect with art and they want to own a piece of it in their private home or in their office. There is a connection with art. There are many skilled independent artists who want their work to be made available to the artist lovers. Charitable organizations by use of technology like Alexa echo show devices, can create a bridge between the artist, their art and the art lovers to gain charity and help independent artists thrive and sustain.

What it does

"Love Indie Art" is an application that uses Amazon's AWS and Alexa products to help achieve the connection and help charitable organizations enable artists and their art. The application showcases the art and the artist name in Alexa Echo show device for the user to admire and get the print copy of the art he wishes to have. The user can pay using the Amazon Pay that is integrated within the application.

How I built it

I built "Love Indie Art" application using Amazon's Lambda Serverless in Node.js, Alexa Presentation Language that enables art display in echo show device , S3 for storing art and IAM permissions to programmatically make art available through the "Love Indie Art" application and Amazon Pay to enable payment by the user for the printed copy of the art or to enable art and the artist.

Challenges I ran into

"Love indie Art" is an exciting and a challenging project. Integrating Amazon Pay via Alexa took some time as account need to be setup in the seller central, the approval took some time and the test accounts need to be enabled for testing. Programmatically integrating Amazon Pay was a challenge as it took some time to understand the concept and apply it

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am happy to have created "Love indie Art" application and it was a great experience to see the test payments successfully get posted in to my account. Also, enabling security for the art objects , so that it can not be available other than programmatically only via "Love indie Art" application is another accomplishment that I am happy about.

What I learned

"Love indie Art" project has been a learning experience as I integrated Amazon Pay with the Alexa skill. Though I have previously designed projects for Alexa Echo Show device, Amazon Pay integration with Alexa has been challenging and an educational experience.

What's next for Love Indie Art

"Love indie Art" acts as a bridge and brings together artists, their art and users who love art. It is a medium for charitable organizations to gain charity by enabling independent artists. The next step would be to expand the application's scope and use it to market music or retail products, outside of charity.

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