Our website Love Eat Thrive allows homeless people to connect with generous donors who provide them with items, meals, and housing opportunities. The website caters to both the wealthy and the homeless—those who wish to donate an item/service can post opportunities viewable to the homeless, and the homeless can similarly post things they need for donors to see.

Our inspiration came from the idea for a mutually beneficial exchange of services and goods in a way that is accessible to both parties, not just the more privileged. Usually, helping the homeless involves extra work from the donating party, which we thought would deter people from helping. Our website is a way for both parties to meet half way and come out of the situation having gained something.

The features we're most proud of include the sleek design of the website and our ability to add personalized profiles to a database. We payed special attention to the design and flow of the website so that the user has a pleasant and self-explanatory experience. Additionally, we build our search engine from scratch using Parse as a database, and it stores both user profiles as well as search results.

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