We've started working as a remote-native team since the 2019 pre-covid days. Rather than having to chat across multiple social channels on Slack such as #random, #watercooler, we've created Lounge to be the dedicated place for people to connect beyond work. By integrating it into where we work already (Slack), Lounge is designed to enhance teams' social experience on Slack.

What it does

Lounge lets teams participate in effortless team-building activities at their own pace and spark natural conversations on the go.

Slack Integration: As a daily summary, Lounge will share the daily activity summary via your Slack channel.

• Steps challenge: Stay active with your team, or even compete against other teams globally. Complete the daily goal of 10K steps & participate in competitions. • Team Minute: Share & organize genuine moments with your team. Unlike posting on Slack, photos are organized by people and timeline. It's an interactive team yearbook that helps you get to know each other better at scale. • Rich Profiles: View personalized profiles of your colleagues - get to know each other & have genuine conversations.

How we built it

Lounge's core iOS app was built with Swift - designed for activities that require mobile interactions for experiences such as steps challenge & photo submission.

Slack integration to post the daily results to the channels was implemented using the Slack API.

Challenges & Accomplishments & What we learned

Sharing multiple files per Slackbot posting was a challenge we eventually overcame, but it would be great to expand upon as a way to build more robust Slack apps.

What's next for Lounge - Social Team Building in Slack

We want Lounge to become the social hub for team-building activities. Slack fits great with our core roadmap since we can post robust summaries of the next suite of team-building activities (games, meditation, and beyond) right inside where teams are already doing their work (Slack).

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