Platform Demo Location

To try the Platform out and to explore the current features that have been implemented. You may visit and find out more about how easy it is to collaborate and share voices as well as provide your contributions regarding the topics of discussion try your hand out at the following platform in terms of sharing a topic of interest.


If you wish to test the Private Discussion and Topic Login with the Following detail try out the Private discussion topics and collaborate on a Topic with the following demo accounts.


Non-government organizations have been attempting to develop better collaborative groupings of specialists in the civil society arena for years. These aspects might be firmly established in terms of support for information exchange and collaborative activities thanks to the power of technology.

What it does

In terms of cooperation, the following feature is being developed:

  • Creating a shared platform for them to express their thoughts
  • A central location where people may collaborate and agree on message points.
  • Sharing Event Activities and Supporting Elements

How we built it

  • We built it with Love and Passion
  • We used open-source resources
  • We built it with the people in the Center of the Communications and support.
  • We built it with the voices of those of the unheard to be made valuable.

Challenges we ran into

One of the challenges of a solo developer is that you have to be able to work at all the levels of the development circle.

  • Design
  • Document and report
  • Setup development and Testing Platforms and Infrastructure.
  • Coding and Code management
  • Front End, Back End, Front End Languages Back End Languages
  • others

Editing Tools

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Backend Implementation - System

  • Implemented full System Support
  • Implemented SSL and Security Support
  • Implement and Setup Virtual Private Server
  • Install Backend Server Tools
    • Apache 2
    • PHP 7.2
    • Web Support Libraries
  • System uses a flat-file Database for Faster Retrieval

Platform Interface Implementation

  • Initial Implementation of the Regional Map (Regional Map Button)
  • Initial Implementation of Facebook Sharing (Share-Button)
  • Initial Implementation of Twitter Sharing (Share-Button)
  • Initial Implementation of Pinterest Sharing (Share-Button)
  • Initial Implementation of the Special Needs Views (VAS Button)
  • Initial Implementation of the Topic Journey Map (TMJ Button)
  • Implemented the Public and Private Discussion Streams

Supports for Devices

What we learned

  • Learned about the Google Map API and how to integrate it with Data support.
  • Learned about better ways to use PHP 7.4
  • The Pacific needs digital Solutions

Video Views of the LouLeo Solution

What's next for LouLeo

  • Use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to draw insights from the public discussion of topics
  • Building the polling system using Blockchain to bring more trust to the polling system.
  • Integrate image and video compression support (for image and video upload) to address the Internet - - bandwidth issues on Pacific Island.
  • Building a mobile version of the application.
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