Use Loudspeaker the same way you would use a megaphone. If you have any ideas or information to communicate to people who are close to you, Loudspeaker is the solution.

The GPS technology is very interesting, but unfortunately does not work very well indoors and consumes a lot of battery. Loudspeaker uses WiFi P2P to find people close to you even without being connected to any WiFi network!

Your messages jump from a phone to another to reach everyone. Have you received some interesting message? Help it to reach everyone!

No need to join any specific list or follow any unreadable hashtag. You are there, you get the information.

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TECHNICAL EXPLANATION:The application searches for nearby users using WiFi-P2P to discover other peers. Since transmiting this message using WiFi-P2P requires the receiver to accept it every time (due to OS restrictions), the search returns the MAC id of every nearby device and sends it to the server, which then sends the message to the receiver by the mobile internet network. Thus saving the need to accept the receipt of the message every time. At any time you can see the number of people who will receive your message (ie, the number of users with the application within a radius) in the top bar. Users have the option to forward a received message (We call it "Reloud") to help extend the radius where the message is received. The use of WiFi-P2P is original because there is no evidence of any other application that uses for this purpose, but we think it is a practical use that can be used in many other uses.

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