It's 2:00 AM, your project is due at 8:00 AM and you just started it. You ask yourself where it went all wrong. Was it when you procrastinated all weekend playing Magic: The Gathering, or when you decided to just stare at Reddit last night from 6 to 10?

You wish you had known better.

Well now you can.

Lotus Cobra is a smart homework scheduling app that helps you plan the best times to work on a homework assignment without sacrificing those vital days of rest you need. The user is able to specify days that they cannot work on anything (Like for instance the most holy of days, Friday, where students like us are able to recharge their batteries). Using this, along with how long the user thinks the homework will take, and how hard the user thinks it should be, LOTUS COBRA STRIKES.

Using Firebase, Lotus Cobra is able to connect you with friends from your class that are also working on that homework. It will make suggestions as to shared open time period where you can work with friends on those tough-to-crack homework assignments.

And the best part about it? It's learning. Lotus Cobra analyzes your homework completion habits and adjusts how it schedules when you should do what homework based on past performance on that classes homework. Soon you'll feel as though homework is getting easier to complete; though that's likely just because you're now starting it when you should be.

Don't get stressed out like a wilting flower; stay vibrant like the Lotus.

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