In distributed systems, scaling vertically means upgrading the same one node, but it can become exponentially expensive and eventually impossible to advance. Another approach is scaling horizontally: keep adding more nodes, with each contributing to the system as a whole. The advantage is extensiblility and affordability, and it is increasing becoming the better choice in today's world.

As college students in computer science, we have a lot of data but not always the money to store it on the cloud. We realized that we could apply distributed systems at a higher level - the user. We chose Dropbox because of it's popularity among college students. The intended usage is to have a single account and keep buying storage if needed, AKA scaling vertically. But against all odds, we hacked our way into automating account registration and uniting them into a Dropbox account farm. We also automatically verified the emails, but spoofed email addresses so only one email account was needed. Each Dropbox account comes with a limited amount of free storage, but by automatically adding new accounts, we attain free unlimited storage.

When you visit our page at, a sign in is needed:

Username: xmasotto

Password: hackill

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