Tired of spending hours driving around trying to find car parks? Here's Lots of Lots for you!

What it does.

The application allows drivers to find the most vacant car parks that are the nearest to their destination, and helps them to navigate to the location.

How we built it.

We used Android Studios and Java to code the UI as well as programme the application functionalities, such as filtering, sorting, and navigation.

Challenges we ran into.

The application crashed a lot during the start of our hackathon. However, after a sleepless night, we managed to remedy the crash error from scratch.

Accomplishments that we're proud of.

The application is ready to use and functional.

What we learned.

Thank you "Log.d" for helping us debug our code.

What's next for Lots Of Lots?

We would like to incorporate Turn by Turn navigation directly into the application. Stay tuned!

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