Need for a consolidated source of events in College Station. We have all been on a python web scraping kick for the past month

What it does

Scrapes several pages containing events in the BCS area and utilizes a twitter account to disseminate the information. The entire process is completely automated and requires no manual posting of tweets/events

How we built it

Using python and the Twitter Developers API

Challenges we ran into

Some pages were difficult to web scrape or did not allow web scraping at all. Formatting the tweets was troubling at times. It took us a long time to figure out that tweets could be deleted easily using an online tool instead of having to manually delete 40+ tweets at every iteration of testing

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It Works! Successfully created a consolidated source for events in the College Station Area.

What we learned

Team work, caffeine consumption is a must at hackathons. Our web scraping skills improved dramatically

What's next for LosTresBois Submission

Attempt to implement the idea of consolidated information from web scraping results to other areas (sports, food coupons etc.)

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