I sat and wondered one morning about what's the best way to get people to focus on boring topics such as the environment, global warming, or climate change. I found out that people love to play. People love to be indulged and people love games. I had found my idea right there at that moment.

What it does

LostCause features tons of features I have to list.

  • scientifically accurate: based on research papers provided by respective countries and private institutions
  • text-based adventure: runs on your command line!
  • uses rich styling: colorful, easy, and wonderful at the same time.
  • Live, Work and Play as someone born in 2067 facing the effects of climate change in -- Greenland -- India -- Australia -- Venice

How I built it

I had the idea of using base classes to identify Characters first thing. The load/save system happened naturally due to me choosing to use SQLite3. I had worked on roleplay games in Python before but never made an actual, intuitive CLI interface for it. I used my favorite language, Python in Visual Studio Code to build it!

Challenges I ran into

The first challenge was time.

  • The hackathon's time limit made it so that I could only complete an entire game for only one location so far.
  • I really wish to complete the other locations depending on whether people like the game or not. The second challenge was figuring out different functions for different scenes.
  • I accomplished that rather really well, I'd say.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Recursive functions, man. Way better than using a while loop and it's a lot cooler too!
  • Added a few jokes here and there to make the game sound less serious. It works, I think.
  • Efficient use of error handling and database management. Never been proud of myself for that before.

What I learned

  • Learned a lot about recursivity
  • Database APIs and management
  • Using classes and objects to define players efficiently
  • Overall overhead of working under a deadline.

What's next for LostCause

  • Providing different locations.
  • Having more sophisticated, playable commands.
  • Release on pip, hopefully
  • Interactive web app version running the game so people without Python can play it.

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