One of the first projects i made in Android Studio was a simple 'lost and found' application for my university which simply mapped lost user's item-details with that of found user's. However i felt that the first time working on it didn't do it quite the justice. This hackathon i really wished to build a large scale Lost and Found Application which would be possible to use in any corner of the world

What it does

To put it simply:

  • As a user who has found something that may appear to have been lost; you would have to simply take a pic and upload it. It has been kept simple from the founder's side to make encourage people to make use of it as often as possible.
  • As a user who has lost something, he would have to search for the object he may have lost (E.g Keys, Mobile,Bag etc). Objects similar to what the user has searched for will appear in the maps near Users vicinity. The user would be able to click on the markers to see the images uploaded by the senders and their locations. All that the user has to do know is identify which object belongs to him and follow to that location to retrieve the object.

How I built it

  • Majority of the Application was developed in Android Studio. When the user captures the image of found object, it gets stored into Firebase Storage. Then the image along with certain location values get stored into Firebase Realtime Database. A python code would run in the background to automatically detect the object from the image given and the database updates itself overtime.
  • Due to time constraints i was unable to complete the lost portion of the app. However given a chance I would have made the lost user enter what he has lost (Handbag, Laptop etc) and that value would have used a query into Firebase to sort out all the similar items. All those items would be displayed as markers and the lost user would have had to have a look at those around him/her and identify which belongs to him/her.

Challenges I ran into

  • Time Constraint: being solo its difficult, even with the wildest of ideas you can only do so much :(
  • Learning curve: Being very new to hackathon and its dynamic environment, it would take some experience to make projects that would satisfy the judges.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Even though its a small thing, i am really proud of not giving up. There were a lot of bugs and i couldnt even complete the app but i really happy and grateful for what i have created.

What I learned

  • Perseverance is the key, maybe not to win but certainly to achieve peace and

What's next for Hope

  • Completing the Lost part. Maybe using Here Tech to integrate as map view. Lets see...
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