Amazon Alexa is an amazing voice controlled interactive service which can be used to build fun and interactive games. We wanted to make a great game which not only is fun to play with, but also increases knowledge at the same time. And so we came up with Lost Treasure. Learn Geography and interesting facts about more than 20+ countries while finding your treasure.This interesting treasure game can be enjoyed by all age groups and can be played individually or with family or friends together.

In Lost Treasure, you need to follow the treasure trail across various countries and find the treasure before the time runs out. You get clues to determine your next country in the trail and based on that, you need to decide your trail. Any incorrect answer will throw you off the trail!

Ahoy Treasure Hunters, welcome aboard! Hope you enjoy the game!

The Game Pitch

You have stumbled upon a treasure map in your attic. No wait, in fact, it's a collection of loads of treasure maps for a number of lost and hidden treasures across the whole world..!

And now, you are on a mission. To find the treasures, follow the trail and be a treasure trail blazer! Embark on a journey across the world moving from one country to another as per the trail and find the lost treasure!

But there is a glitch, like there always is, in all good things in life! The treasure maps only points you to the starting location. And from there, you are on your own. But worry not, to find your treasure, there are the good guys across the world, the helpers we call them, who will guide you on your trail.

But they do not make your task as easy as it seems. They only talk cryptic and provide you with clues which point you to your next destination. It's your decision to identify the next location. But, beware... Make a wrong guess and the trail may go cold and the treasure will be lost forever.

In fact, there is another glitch. As soon as you start the trail, the bad guys get a sniff of what you are upto and they try to find the treasure themselves. So, you need to find the treasure fast, under the stipulated time, to prevent the treasure falling in the hands of the wrong guys!

And as you collect more and more treasures, you move up the level to become a treasure trail blazer!

On the trail now, Treasure Hunter...!

How To Play

When you start the game, you are at the start location as per the Treasure Map and you need to find the treasure in 2 days.Time flies as you ask for help or fly to the next destination on the treasure trail.

You have the option to Ask up to 3 Helpers for clues to deduce your next location. You can guess the location by asking 1 Helper or you may need to ask all 3.. If you are asking more helpers, remember, that you are losing your precious time!

Alexa will ask you, if you want to further ask for help or fly to next destination. If you say, Fly to next Destination, you are given 4 options , i.e. countries. Based on the clues you have got, you decide your next location. Make a wrong decision, and you will lose the trail and you will have to go back.

When you arrive at your Next Location in the trail, the game logic will determine the next steps:

  • If you have reached the Treasure, you Win and move up on next level!
  • If you have exceeded the time limit, you Lose!
  • And if this is just another country in your trail, you get the option to ask for Clues to determine your next location.

At any point of time during game play, say, Alexa, Help. And Alexa will assist you as to what needs to be done next!

How I built it

Lost Treasure is an Amazon Alexa Skill build using the Alexa-SDK. The backend is a Node.JS function hosted on AWS Lambda. The app uses Amazon DynamoDB to store the session attributes so that user has a seamless experience in playing the game. The entire game is built using State Models, to drive the user in the right manner so that he can earn his treasure...! To make the game more interesting and interactive, we have used Speechcons provided by Alexa Skill Kit.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This was our first serious attempt at game designing, building game logic which is flexible and not "hard-coded" but is data driven. It was fun to build the game state model, wherein the logic should handle correct and incorrect user choices with ease.

What's next for Lost Treasure

We would like to keep adding more interesting facts about our beautiful world and add more countries. We have ensured the game framework to be scalable and the game logic to accommodate, theoretically any number of countries!

Enable Lost Treasure on Amazon Echo

Please enable the skill from this location on Amazon Echo Skill Store.

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