About 15% of the world population lives with a form of disability, yet they are still overlooked. There are over quarter a billion people that live with vision impairment. 36 million of those are totally blind.

What it does

Lost is a 2D game that shows us daily struggles people with disabilities have while still being fun to play. Currently, the game works with a Duo, Will and Bill. Will has spinal cord injury whereas Bill is blind. The main goal of the game is playing as a team and finding the way out of every room.

Game play

Control two characters who work together. One character can see, but not walk. Other character can walk, but can't see. Collect coins and avoid traps and ghosts.

How we built it

We used lua, love2d, krita and intellij.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • It works.
  • Procedural maze generation
  • Traps and ghosts
  • Death messages are positioned randomly on the screen
  • It is playable

What we learned

OOP works. Lua is a nice language.

What's next for lost

More features. More fun.

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Tell us what you think

Feedback is appreciated. Please tell us what you think we did well, what we can improve on and whether you liked the game.

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