Over ```600,000 animals were stranded or killed as part of the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. This means that hundreds of thousands of people suffered the loss of a family member, and often times preventative measures (ie. tracking chips) are not taken. Our goal is to increase the chance of pets being reunited with their families in situations of distress.

What it does

Our current product is not complete, however we attempted to create a web app that allows people to be reunited with their pets. There are two types of potential users: the owners and the finders, and each user will make a profile. The owners would be able report a missing animal by posting pictures to their profile. The finders would be able to report a stranded animal by also posting a picture. Using IBM's visual recognition API, if any matches are made between found and lost dogs, the user will receive a list of possible matches. The owner or finder then has the option to directly contact the other and meet the pet in person.

How we built it

As a proof of concept we attempted to use IBM's Watson Visual Recognition and Node.js, although if we had more experience in mobile app development we would've preferred to create an app using Android Studio or an iOS mobile app development software.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge was learning how to execute the idea that we had in our heads. We are all unfamiliar with web/app development languages and platforms so we are still figuring out how to use the tools that are available to us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're so happy to have been able to participate and learn from all the amazing employees at IBM. There's no better place for us to be introduced to so many tools and APIs, and also have the opportunity to learn about how we an implement these capabilities for our project.

What we learned

We learned about how technology can have an immense impact on how people recover from natural disasters. Technology like visual recognition can empower people to feel stronger during hard times and equip them with the necessary resources to feel safe.

What's next for Lost'nHound

In the future, we'd like to see Lost'nHound be available as a tool for people to download as a mobile application. Learning how to implement artificial intelligence to improve the accuracy of facial recognition on all animals will allow for a wider audience to benefit from this project.

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