There's only one popular WebVR multiplayer server library that was built over the last two years and has weak performance. We wanted to build that WITH the controls and models in a day.

What it does

Allows people with VR devices to collaborate and compete with (and share a space with) people on desktop devices. Multiplayer for the Virtual Reality Internet.

How I built it

We used 3D-Max and SP to make the entire scene from scratch over 24 hours. We used A-frame, Javascript, and WebGL to create the client to render the WebVR scene. And finally we synchronized movement (position and rotation) between players with Nodejs and Socketio

Challenges I ran into

Sleep deprevation

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  1. A fully finished high quality scene with complex geometry and materials made from scratch in 24 hours
  2. A fully functional and performant backend supporting synchronization between players across the world via socketio
  3. A fully functional control system that can support desktop, Vive, and Oculus

What I learned

We shouldn't get jobs with night shifts

What's next for Lost in Space

Were posting it online to be the FIRST .io style WebVR game!

Built With

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