The idea of this app came when I realized that I am not the only one who looses stuff every-time on Campus. Many students loose their stuff at the campus and due to busy schedule, they don't bother to find it. And there is also no lost and found application at our University, therefore even though someone finds stuff, they do not know what exactly they need to do with or where to return the found stuff. But what if there is an application where they could simply search their item and see if someone found it and in that way, someone who looses their stuff do not have go through the pain of finding it. On the other side, the person who finds stuff can easily update about their findings.

What it does

Helps students find their lost stuff at the campus.

How I built it

Angular for the front-end, Firebase for backend and database and Algolia Search Api to implement the searching part

Challenges I ran into

How to use Algolia Api and how to connect Firebase to Algolia

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I worked on this project by myself ! I am very happy that I was able to connect Firebase to Algolia by using Firebase functions. Also proud that I was able to integrate firebase in my app since it is my first time using firebase.

What I learned

Firebase functions, Algolia search api

What's next for Lost And Found App

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