E-Commerce Doesn't Work for Small Businesses

Small businesses keep being told they need to be online to be successful. But when they try, they end up spending thousands of dollars on expensive e-commerce websites. No potential customers ever find the site because topping Google Search rankings is nearly impossible.

Local Shopping, Online

On Losocco, small business owners post their products without having to pay thousands to web developers. Customers find all the products they'd find on Amazon, but without expensive shipping costs and with the added value of growing the local economy.

Power in Numbers

Aggregate product listings filtered by location make it easier for small businesses to find new customers online. Uber style mutual ratings upon transactions holds sellers accountable so buyers can be confident and not scared of becoming the next Kijiji or Craigslist horror story. Losocco is where you can confidently shop for local products online.


Our team has done web development for small business owners in different industries and realized many of them have the same problem. Even if we do all we can, their new websites rarely change their bottom line revenue.


Losocco solves discovery problems for e-commerce websites. Losocco is a more inviting buying experience than Kijiji and Craigslist. Losocco gives small businesses the opportunity to take back their destiny from Amazon and Walmart.

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