A long, long time ago, there was a group of loser punks living on the Loser Land. Their biggest hobby is picking up lowb.

However, behind this seemingly peaceful life, a crisis is quietly coming ...

Game Introduction

The back-end of the game deployed in the OEC chain for now.

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One day when I was playing NetHack, which is the first rogue-like game in the world, it occurred to me that if I can turn it into a multi-player game? I soon realized it is not so easy. However, the block chain is very suitable to do this. I can say it's designed for the turn-based game. That inspired me try to build a game on the block chain.

How we built it

We build it with Cocos Creator, which is similar compared with Unity.

Game Introductin

We will distribute a total of 6666 game tokens on the okex chain, of which 1000 go into the liquidity pool and the remaining 5666 players need to participate in the game to get them. The game ends when all the game tokens in the contract have been claimed.

The following are the three ways to participate in the game.

  1. Loserpunk holders can register the game for free before the game starts.

  2. Cherry NFT holders can register the game for free before the game starts.

  3. Players can use one Squid Game token to join the game before the game ends.

How to get Squid Game Tokens in the game?

  1. Players can go to the specific sites on the map to mine squid game tokens. The more central fo the map the higher output. The daily output tokens range from 0.1 to 10. (It takes about half an hour to move one step, you can plan ahead.)

  2. Players can kill other players to get others' game tokens.

Please note that except for the extra 0.2 game tokens given by the system for killing other players, game tokens obtained by other means can only be collected when you return to the border and choose to leave the game.

The brutal game is about to begin, are you ready to accept death?

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