At first, we were planning on doing something more oriented towards nature and animals, specifically bears, but we gravitated towards a discord bot as it was something that was reasonably executable within our time frame and collaborative while still able to integrate our other ideas. We made sure to include bears, never forget the bears.

What it does

WaaBot 2.0 allows for management, information, utility, as well as social interaction in a Discord server. It also lists interesting facts about bears.

How We built it

We used the discord.js library and implemented our own discord bot into a server. We also had help from mentors and used some guides along the way.

And just for kicks, Eilleen made a color changing thing with LCD displays and buttons and lights. Whoot!

Challenges We ran into

The voice channel part of the project was extremely frustrating. In addition, it was difficult to merge our code after not using GitHub for the whole process and having different setups for our bot (in terms of .json files and storing variables).

Accomplishments that We’re proud of

We also used enmaps to store data for each session. We got the bot to join voice channels, mention users, and add emote reactions to messages. Getting bearfacts was a struggle.

What I learned

Atom actually has a collaborative text editor! We learned a LOT of JavaScript and how to use .json files.

What's next for project

The goal is to finally connect it to a voice channel and play music. User interaction to create and permanently store commands.

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