Take a lorry ride

into an ancient mine and uncover is secrets - where ancient is mostly related to the track. Balance a not-so-trustworthy lorry on a not-so-trustworthy, randomly generated track, an endless-coaster with sophisticated inverse, sitting body kinematics.


Lean left/right to keep your lorry in balance and on track (the head rotation counts). Oh, and you maybe should have brought a better helmet light, now you are stuck with this crappy one that goes out from time to time. So far a gentle tap to your helmet brought it back to life.


The Cave is pieced together randomly by different segments. Each segment has different tracks, multiple props and events that get activated as well randomly when a piece is enabled. Not counting the props, the current 3 pieces alone have 12 possible permutations for their appearance. Having those pieces pooled, with only two visible at a time, the current and the next one, gives some space for visual quality.


"Looking down and having no body is disconcerting" - though this line changed since the DK1 best practice guide, imho it is still valid. In Lorry Surfer the avatar is posed in real time by inverse kinematics. Providing a stable view position where everything else revolves around on one side, and the physics system on the other, get solved into a realistic avatar movement.

While the avatar is shaken by track physics it gets resolved up, so the head stays in place ( with the camera ). For ex. if you lean right the IK moves the body parts in a plausible way, so that your head stays where you have it. In the other direction any head movement gets translated into valid body movement..

The archived effect is quite subtle and mostly present in the peripheral view field only. However this is my shot on Abrash's "confuse the brain into a cohered model of the world". If this setup can increase the feeling of presence, will be yours to judge (pun intended).

Beyond the Challange

For may things wasn't time and many ideas spawned during development. Future Updates may include:

  • More cave pieces that reflect decent
  • Signature rooms
  • Events like breaking bridges underneath you
  • Creatures ( a cave needs Bats! )
  • Improved physics and IK
  • Different characters
  • Weighted and depth related randomness
  • Unlock deeper start points
  • Many more track segments

Stay tuned for Lorry Surfer! https://forums.oculus.com/viewtopic.php?f=77&t=23059

Have fun!

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