Let's say you're building a commercial project that uses platforms like Commercetools or Salesforce. When it comes to content, you are likely to face common issues on different stages of your project. Want to showcase your functionality and UX, but don't have photos for your products? Are you blocked from testing the multilingual content of your site because it has never been translated? Or maybe you already have content and want to optimize your search engine solution by generating metadata? You start to spend a lot of efforts on these tasks, and, moreover, you realize that in the future you will have to spend even more.

What it does

Imagine that there is already a solution that can save you time and effort by stealing part of your work and turning it into a routine problem solved by Artificial Intelligence? Lorem Ipsum 2.0 product does just that. You will also be able to automate these tasks and get the maximum level of maintainability and flexibility.

How we built it

At the first stage, we decided which cases we want to cover in general, and where to start. Starting from that point, it was not hard to decide on which technologies and platforms to use. Also, we had some experience with Commercetools solution, so it was natural to start with implementing business cases originated from it. To manage content of our own solution we’ve chosen Contentful due to its easy start and wide capabilities. On a front-end side we’ve chosen React framework with application to be deployed on Netlify. For back-end, we’ve agreed to use Node.js.

Challenges we ran into

  • On the one hand, each team member must be independent enough to achieve the result, on the other hand, we must coordinate our ideas and efforts (for example, server interface developers must synchronize with each other, front-end developer must coordinate with back-enders, everyone should communicate with the UX-designer, etc.)
  • The format of participation was unusual for all members of the Team. We have not participated in such events before, so it was not clear how much work we will need to do, how to plan this work, how to track progress, and what efforts we need to make
  • Technical challenge. It was difficult to find an Artificial Intelligence solution that met our needs and had an easy-to-integrate API.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • As a team, we managed to achieve several goals, ranging from the successful formation of the profile of our target audience and identifying the problem we want to solve, and ending with the creation of a prototype of our solution
  • Team members took this opportunity to practice with technologies and platforms they have rarely or never used before
  • Even though before the beginning of MACHathon almost none of the team knew the others, we really benefited from the cooperation and group synergy that moved towards the result
  • It was a very interesting and useful exercise to prepare a video presentation for our decision, because we do not have many chances to practice this type of activity in everyday work.

What we learned

  • Starting your solution with building a prototype helps to cover several aspects simultaneously: working with user expectations, parallelizing the development and design of UX, creating a solution architecture
  • Working with MACH principles helps you at different stages: defining your architecture, approach to working with your content, unbundling back and interface, and more
  • The result can be achieved in a short time, even if you do not have a mature team or processes, but you have a problem and an idea that solves it.

What's next for Lorem Ipsum 2.0

To confirm the concept, we started with the implementation of one platform and several functions. So, our plans include support for other platforms and a full range of features for use. We also thought about other features, such as sharing your configuration drafts with other users. Finally, we thought about increasing the security of our application and storing data with, say, a keystore service or alternatives.

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