When lectures are fast, 30 seconds is too long to lose focus: being 1 minute late means you can't keep up with the whole thing. Lore makes note taking, learning and revision a whole lot easier.

What it does

Live converts the lecturer's speech to text, and gives students access to both the transcript and Lore: our intelligent chatbot that answers questions based on the transcript (and requires some more development).

How we built it

Amazon Lex API with a create-react-app boilerplate. Linking this to speech-to-text; plan was also to link it to a machine comprehension library, such as DeepPavlov.

Challenges we ran into

We had an earlier idea but then discovered we lacked the necessary hardware for it, so we had to rethink our plans completely. Actually building it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Lex implementation.

What we learned

Teamwork and the importance of coming with an idea that we have high confidence we can implement.

What's next for Lore Bot

At some point, we'll probably try to link it up to DeepPavlov via Microsoft Bot, or something similar, to make the chat more exciting and a better fit for this project's mission.

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