We wanted to grow our knowledge with the virtual reality concept and we decided to go a step forward with creating an Augmented Reality game

What it does

This Project revolves around the Vuforia’s AR function. The code is implemented in to our Samsung devices in which will be placed on a VR headset to view the play area. The cards we used for this project are custom made using patterns we found on the internet and printing those patterns on stickers that we then placed on blank cards.

How we built it

A player will choose a card and the game will then generate a random player model with custom UI features on top of the card. the turn ends when the player draws a card or takes action. A maximum of 3 characters can be rendered at the same time per player while the l card values are displayed top of it. Once the character on the card hits zero the character will disappear, and the player can then render a new character. The game ends once the enemy has run out of cards to play.

Challenges we ran into

Our most difficult part of the project was making the game run multiplayer functions because of lack of knowledge and time. Original card patterns where too simplistic thus forcing us to make our own custom templets. The normal debugging and testing procedures

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very happy that we got the game working at at least 90% desired level

What we learned

How to import animations and the controls/hierarchy paths for each character Setting up various aspects (like headsets, cards, models) into an AR game

What's next for Lords of Infinity

Implementing a multiplayer function

Built With

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