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Name: Lord of the Ring

Elevator Pitch: Freeing your hands while gaining control of your robots: an intuitive way of human machine interaction with Arduino


We are inspired by the oculus VR glove controller and the nexpaq modular phone, and we want to make a modular gesture controller that can be both portable and multifunctional. It will free your hands while gaining control of your robots, as an intuitive and innovative way of human machine interaction.

What it does

Lord of the ring is a lightweight gesture sensor that can be used to control a robot’s movement. It has the potential to support multiple natural hand gestures and control either physical robot or virtual components. The shape of a ring gives it high portability, and multiple rings will be able work together depending on the need of the system and design various interactions.

How I built it

Our final product is composed of two main parts: the sensor end and the receiver end. The sensor end consists of a gyroscope sensor that can read the position and speed of a finger movement, together with an Arduino UNO that loads the data to the laptop. The data is then sent to the receiver end through python socket, and thus controls the robot’s movement.

Challenges I ran into

We spent a lot of time adjusting the gyroscope sensor, it is not precise and we have to do many tests to adjust offsets and do the data analytics. The wireless control is also a nally hooked everything up and got the seamless control of the robot, we felted great sense of accomplishment. We also did modification of our code and improved the performance and speed of our product. We can imagine the elegance it will have when it is fully developed and compressed into a tiny ring.

What I learned

We used a lot of cool hardwares that most of us never used before. It is the first time for all of our members to use Python sockets for data transmission through WiFi. Also, we’ve learned how to optimize the results even when the input data is not accurate.

In the future, we can have more precise and powerful sensors that give it better performance. We can design more kinds of motion and hand gestures using big data and machine learning to capture human gesture better. With future touch features, so that it is not only your hand, but a hand with a controller

A trip to Modor--the birth of the Lord of the Ring

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