As students who currently invest, there is a large learning curve associated with investing that is hard to overcome on your own. Loquat aims to provide a platform to bring together groups of people so the task of investing is less daunting.

What it does

Loquat provides a platform for friends/colleagues to invest together in a fun and educational environment. You can manage group portfolios as well as invest in your own portfolio. The platform makes recommendations for stock purchases using a variety of features including sentiment analysis and risk data collected from the Aladdin API.

How we built it

Each member worked on different aspects of the project. We used React to develop a web application that the user can interact with. We utilized Flask to develop a REST API that our web app could interact with in order to query the database. The backend was also responsible for processing the data retrieved from the Aladdin API and generating recommended stocks.

Challenges we ran into

Determining which features to use in our recommendation system was exceptionally difficult. We also ran into difficulty with memory allocated for our flask instance, which was causing crashes with no explanation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built a realistic application that could make investing fun for any group of individuals!

What we learned

We learned how to work under pressure and how to work with new technologies that we were not initially comfortable with.

What's next for Loquat

We want to introduce competitions as well as news integration so people can learn as they invest.

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