Ever wonder about what people around your area are doing while you're sitting at home doing homework?

Now you can!

How does it work?

It gets the location data of the user, queries the Instagram API, and WAPOW! Displays results beautifully.

Some challenges we ran into

We ran into were problems with using Javascript to make a HTTP request.Tried to use APIs that weren't exactly well supported and couldn't query Instagram database with it so had to find an alternative solution.

Some accomplishments that we're proud of

How we were able to come up with such an beautiful and aesthetically pleasing design, while still having a useful purpose. Along with that it was just a weekend well spent in general.

What I learned was

I learned how to use node.js, additional web development skills and querying APIs.

What's next

What's next for LoQl is connecting with more social media platforms to provide more pictures and experiences to our users along with a mobile application that allows users to post pictures and videos directly from their phone.

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